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Our Business

Delivering on the state of balance between one’s Health and Wealth is the corporate motivation for JCG as we enter a fresh chapter to

Rebrand, Rebuild & Rejuvenate ourselves.

Our current businesses include our medical aesthetics business which we are looking to expand into Singapore, Malaysia and China.

An event organisation and promotion as well as business and management consultancy services acquired on 15 Apr 2019. The capabilities of Brand X Lab are synergistic to the Group’s existing businesses and the concierge and referral businesses of Brand X Lab naturally complements our medical aesthetics business too.

The Group completed the acquisition of a 51% stake in Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre Group of Companies (“BW”), a well-known brand in Malaysia with multi award-winning integrated beauty and wellness medical centres, specialising in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dental aesthetics, hair restoration and a range of healthy aging and wellness services in November 2019. BW operates two Malaysia Ministry of Health (“MOH”) licensed medical centres, one of which is a non-ambulatory medical centre in Kuala Lumpur (“KL”) and an ambulatory medical centre in Johor Bahru (“JB”). In addition, BW operates a specialist (Pakar) dental clinic in KL and an aesthetic clinic in 3 Damansara (Petaling Jaya).

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